Mobo needed by gts 250

i have a g31 TM-P35 mobo....will my gts250 fit in it??? is it compatible????

i already bought the graphic card and now im not sure :(
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  1. If you already have the graphics card, you should be able to tell really quick. :)

    Yes, the g31 TM-P35 has 1 PCI-E 16x GPU slow in it. So it's compatible. The real question is whether the GPU will fit in your case (I think it's 10.5" long) and if your Power Supply has the right PCI-E power connectors and enough power output.

    Here's the specs page for your motherboard, which I found faster than you typed in your question. :)
  2. aaww thanks a lot for the information :)

    it seems i can get some probs with the case maybe :( that would be really bad :( but im glad the graphic card is compatible :)

    thanks a lot
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