Old Hard Drive: Can't find partition HELP

I had an HP DV9000. It had 3 partitions on the hard drive:

D: Data
E: Recovery

I took out the hard drive (after Motherboard died) and put it in a new casing with USB cord.

When I plug it in to another PC, all I see is OS and Recovery drives. No DATA. Help! Where are my pictures?

Andy D
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  1. they are there, you just have to do some work and hope you can access them...

    try first going into Disk Management...
    START - right mouse-click COMPUTER - MANAGE - Disk Management

    see if the partition is there on the Drive
  2. When all else fails @Active Partition Recovery is well worth the money for the bootable ISO image. Will recover any type of partition and will do individual file recovery. Normally I don;t recommend products that require you to pay, but this app has saved my butt many times, and with all the computers i've fixed with it, it's paid for it's self. :whistle:

    There are plenty of great free products out there but a lot of the really good stuff is not very user friendly,

    You might want to check out PE Builder. there are lots of free bootable repair disks you can make for just about any situation.

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