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Hi everybody, I wanted to get some opinions on these 2 SSD's. The Samsung 830 256 GB ($229.99 at amazon) and the Corsair Force Series GS 240 GB ($205.99 at newegg). Both have a 3 year warranty, nearly the same write and read speeds listed, and both have toggle NAND memory. What would you all recommend? Thanks!!


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  1. Here is review for Corsair GS:,1.html

    I will pick the GS even it is newer one, but for the brand you will be the right choice, and costs less. why not?
  2. my vote goes to samsung
  3. scannall, that is the corsair force GT not the GS. So far it is 2 votes for Samsung and 1 vote for Corsair. I just want to get a few more responses before deciding. Thanks for the answers so far!
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    Dell uses Samsung drives in their OEMs. As such they have gone through much more intensive testing than any other brand. There is no way Dell would risk a huge expensive recall. Samsung also manufacturers their own NAND. At $20 more it's a no brainer to me.

    The only other drive with the same reliability reputation is the Crucial M4. It's not quite as fast but in all honesty using them side by side you would never notice a difference unless you were running benchmarks. The M4 can usually be had for quite a bit cheaper than the 830.

    If I was buyng new today I would get an 830. But I would wait for it to go back on sale for ~$175. Check out sites like It might take a few weeks but it will be on sale again.
  5. The Corsair Force GS series is a brand new ssd that was released 3 weeks ago. It does not have an established track record. I always recommend waiting 6 months to see if any problems wrise.

    The Samsung ssd's have a well established track record. Highly recommended.

    I maintain the ssd database that is listed in the sticky at the very top of this forum section:

    Scroll down to the brands and models you are interested in and follow the links to the technical reviews.
  6. Kingston HyperX 120GB 3K < Using for awhile with no issues.
  7. I like the samsung 830 and the crucial m4 SSD's.
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