CPU for asus av7v8x-la motherboard

Hey there! Im building my own computer, and its gonna be fast! Mostly for gaming though.. I did something wrong i think.. I choose my moterboard before i even thought of what CPU is was gonna put in it. This is where you guys come in the picture. Heres the deal:

I just need one of the best CPU's for gaming that can be fitted onto the asus av7v8x-la motherboard. I haven't bought the thing yet, so its not a hugh disaster if i have to do it the other way around, but i hope you guys can tell me what cpu would be one of the best for this motherboard, price is not a problem although i don't want to pay for something unnecessary .. The only thing im sure of is i want it to be quadro-core :)
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  1. Is this a joke?

    Where did you get that motherboard? It's a dinosaur (meaning it's old as hell). You won't be putting no quadro-core up in that motherboard. Let me tell you what to do...if you just bought it, get your money back if you can. If you can't get any money for it, then I suggest you toss it over a cliff because it will not be worth your time. Sorry, but I'd hate to be the one to tell you straight up.
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