$1200 gaming build, purchasing next week

Alright so here it is, the final draft of my build. I plan on purchasing parts about a week from today. I appreciate any feedback you guys can give regarding component selection.

Lian Li Lancool K60 case- $80 newegg

Corsair 850tx PSU- $120 after MIR newegg

Gigabye GA-P55A-UD4P mobo- $160 after MIR newegg

Intel Core i5-750- $200 newegg, should I make the jump to the i7 860? it's $250 at a microcenter nearby

4gb Gskill ripjaws- $105 newegg, will this memory be able to fit with my coolermaster hyper 212?

EVGA GTX 470- $330 newegg with free Just Cause 2 code, I just bought this today :) it was a very tough decision between it and the 5850

1 TB Samsung Spinpoint F3- $80 newegg

Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus heatsink+fan- $30 Amazon, same question in regards to fitting with memory

Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound- $10 newegg

Sony Optiarc 24X dvd/cd rewritable optical drive- $25 newegg

Logitech keyboard- $20 newegg

I have a student copy of Windows 7 Ultimate that I think I SHOULD be able to get installed properly. I just might need to google it again. The copy is technically an "upgrade only" but I have heard there are ways around this and that it is identical to a retail copy.

This is a gaming/schoolwork/light video work system. Sorry for not following the standard system for posting a new build. But seeing as how I already have a really good idea on components I figured you guys could figure out where I was trying to go with this system.

I also will shell out another $180-250 for a 23"-24" monitor. Anyone have any suggestions? Right now I am looking at Asus, Hp, and Dell.

I will be going to bed soon (in Israel right now but live in states) so I won't be able to respond for another 6 hours, but please please PLEASE help me out here guys. I am ready to get my new system :)
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  1. Alright so already I have seen two other recommendations in other threads.

    ASUS P7P55D Deluxe mobo- $160 after MIR newegg

    4gb Gskill Ripjaws- $110 newegg

    Are these better or worse?

    I am still concerned about these ripjaw heatspreaders coming into contact with my heatsink. Anyone have any input? I might just need to go with RAM that does not have huge heatspreaders.

    Also, does it matter which voltage I go for with RAM? The first set I listed was 1.5V, and this set above is 1.65V. I thought that the lower the voltage, the possibility of greater overclocking headroom, but I don't know too much about RAM.
  2. ASUS P7P55D-E Pro

    Both RAM kits are good. Some prefer bigger speed I prefer lower voltage and timings.

    If you don't plan to crossfire get a 600-650W PSU.

    For the monitor maybe this one:

  3. Yeah I think I like that mobo better, especially with the sata and usb 3.0. The gigabyte one doesn't have true 3.0

    Originally I had gone with a 750tx, but I decided with the 470's IF i ever wanted SLI I would go ahead and spend the extra money now. It's unlikely that I will though.

    As far as the monitor goes, that's the same exact one I have been lookin at as well as the 23.6" model. I'm just curious as to whether or not Dell and Hp are better brands...

    Thanks by the way. I'm ready to get this thing finalized. Ever since I bought the video card I feel like I need to get every other component completely straight so I can purchase soon.
  4. Just curious, what memory did you end up going with?
  5. Laika said:
    Just curious, what memory did you end up going with?

    As of now this one.


    A guy in another thread recommended it and sent me this video link showing that it would fit underneath the hyper 212 plus.

    That could change though if someone else has good enough reason against it. The one thing I didn't like about that RAM is that it wasn't on the supported memory list for that Asus mobo, but they don't list all compatible memory there. I was just hoping it would be on there lol
  6. Update: I just bought the Asus P7P55D-E Pro mobo + Corsair 850TX in a combo deal.

    I got $40 off :)

    Ahhh with no sales tax and combo deals, gotta love Newegg.
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