New replacement 7200 rpm hard disk causing lag

My computer's hard disk crashed 2 months ago and i got it replaced today. I dont know the exact reason that caused it to crash. Anyways i got the hard disk replaced today and the technician told me it is a 7200 rpm one. The problem is that while i dont see any lag in normal usage but when i start playing games on the computer they lag like anything. I am using the same gpu drivers and same settings as i earlier used to but it lags and even if i drop the settings it still lags. My computer is quiet old and i cant really upgrade now. I dont know if the earlier hard disk was 5400 or 7200 rpm as i had bought a prebuilt unit. The system config is as follows:
2gb ram
fsp 250w psu
gt240 1 gb ddr3
msi ms 7529 1.0

Please tell me what is causing the problem and how to fix it.
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  1. did you put the latest driver for your graphic card on the new hdd
  2. 7200rpm vs 5400rpm wouldn't cause lag in gaming.
  3. The GT 240 is a very slow card. Did you just notice slowdowns?
  4. no i didnt put the latest driver because nvidias new drivers are very buggy and before the hard disk crashed i had downloaded and installed the latest one and it caused some serious error (it was the correct driver) because it had compatibilty issues with old lcd monitors and it took me a lot of time and effort to get rid of it. i know gt240 is slow but before the replacement i used to play call of duty black ops and crysis 2 at decent enough settings at playable framerates. i am using the same drivers that used to work best for me before.

    can u tell me if the new hard disk might be at fault or if the motherboard or psu have developed a fault.
  5. Did you clean install 7 on the new HDD?
  6. Its a new hard disk and didnt have anything on it, so it was a clean install. Can Windows 7 be causing problems here?
  7. I'd say it looks like the PSU. The Corsair CX 430 or 500 v2 is a good replacement and can be found for around $30 after rebates.
  8. did you install the 32 or 64 one
  9. Alright the problem is gone now or atleast it seems to.
    I opened the cabinet myself and reinstalled the graphics card. Then i reinstalled the gpu drivers and the games and it is working correctly now.
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