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I recently purchased 2 ATI Radeon 5770. Instead of receiving the ATI card which they advertised I was sent an ugly looking Diamond version of the card. Ive never heard of this manufacturer so I was just wondering if I should be worried about it and will it affect the performance at all?
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  1. I purchased this http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=50260&vpn=A5770PE51G&manufacture=ATI
    My camera is dead so I can't upload any pics for you :(
    Main differences I see are that it is not covered in that plastic housing, instead of the 2 DVI ports being on the right side they are directly in the middle, and it is not 21cm long.
  2. I think you'd be fine with it. I think some of the manufacturer's make these cards without the plastic housing and just put the fans/heatsinks on the gpu. I've never owned a diamond card but I think they've been around awhile. Kinda sucks that the retailer swapped what you ordered with a different product though. My advice would be to order from Newegg next time. They're like 99% top notch with the products they offer.
  3. ATI is the chipset or GPU designer. Radeon is the model, and 5770 is the version (in it's simplest form). Like someone said, ATI doesn't make their own cards.

    Diamond manufactered the card with all the above specifications in mind. You should be good! (But I prefer XFX, as Timop would attest to.)

    As for the ugly part, yep! I'd prefer the one with a fully enclosed cooler, exhausting hot air out the back of the case. And Diamond does make those....as seen in the picture you shown. That is a Diamond card!!!

    Gotta love the small disclaimer under it: "Actual product may not be exactly as shown."

    So I think yur stuck with it.
  4. lol wish i knew ATI didn't make their own cards. Is it only recently that they have not made their own cards...could have sworn I had a radeon 9800 back in the day which ATI made. Figured I was purchasing a card from the company that actually designed it (BUMMER). Yes Timop that is what the card looks like (except the sticker on the fan says ATI on mine). I looked at buying stuff from newegg but their site said they do not ship to Canada (which suuuucks). As for the disclaimer under the pic, it is under all the pictures for video cards on NCIX. I'll complain to NCIX (greasy buggers), see if I can try and get the XFX ones instead. Wish me luck :P
  5. newegg.ca lmao! now i feel like that much more of a twit :P Wish they had that link on their site next to where it said they dont ship up north.... thanks for all the help fellas :)
  6. I would return the cards and grab one of these instead;
    Bump up the voltage and OC it to 1000mhz+ for performance higher than an HD5870 for less money with lower power usage, less heat, no performance problems from a 128-bit bus, no crossfire scaling/compatibility issues and free slot for a later upgrade.
  7. Really? Did not know that, pretty lame of them. This one is the same price though;
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