Can only see $RECYCLE.BIN

Hey everyone sorry if this has been gone over but i've been searching for better part of an hour and nothing that has worked for anyone else is working for me. full story is my friends laptop took a dump before i reformat it he wants me to try and save the pics of his daughters vids of our MC rides etc. so i put his hard drive into my desktop (sata2) both my pc and his laptop are running windows 7 i thought i took ownership of the drive (it shows me as the owner atleast) but no dice all i can see is $RECYCLE.BIN folder if i open the drive in winrar i can see $RECYCLE.BIN, Boot, System Volume information, and bootmgr but i can not get into system volume info through winrar any command line i try to run for that drive i get access denied on a side note after i put his hard rive in all drives showed up including hp_tools and the recovery partitions aswell as a 4th drive just labeled local disk G that i cant access at all and properties show 0bytes for that partition dunno if any of that is relevant to the problem im having but figured i would add it. any help would be great
thanks in advance.
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    The drive could be locked (theres been a lot of that going around recently) you can try a linux live disk or recovery software that boots the computer (Eg: @Active Partition Recovery) and run a recovery of the drive to another disk, networked computer, or burn files to disk... one step at a time though....

    this is free and easy: download Kubuntu and Linux Live USB Creator (Lili)
    create a Live Linux USB disk with persistence using Lili (be sure you check Format in Fat32 to create persistence.)
    Boot the Linux Live Disk
    can you access your files now?

    if not we might need to use hdparm or some recovery software. Let us know how it goes.
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