Problems with new ATI Radeon HD 5670

Recently(Arrived today) Bought an ATI 5670 Card, I updated the the Drivers and I am getting display Glitches while I am In game. Things run smooth out of game though. I ordered this item off of newegg and don't know whats wrong, if it just a bad card i need to return? Please Help Is the Card I bought Is the power supply i bought with it Is my motherboard

Does anyone know what's wrong or any fixes? Should I return and replace or get a different card, all advice is welcome.
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  1. It could be a bottleneck problem from the motherboard pci slot all the 5000 series cards uses 2.0 x16.
  2. Did you tried with the older driver? the one which came with your card inside CD?
    what is your monitor resolution?
  3. It shouldn't be a bottleneck problem since PCI-E 2.0 is backward compatible with PCI-E 1.0.
    What's the driver that you are using ?
  4. Try using default driver from Win7 (if u're using 7 of course)
    Mine is 4670, and always had problem with ATI official drivers, i.e Fallout 3 is very likely to freeze or throw out to windows. Change the driver back with default 7, then the game run just fine, I experience this a couple of times and always work.

    Sadly there's no fix for this even on ATI's latest driver (mine Catalyst ver.10.4)
  5. This is why I always lag a generation or two when it comes to gpus. I place dependability over performance. First start trying different drivers not just the latest. Second check the fan and temps. Third if all else fails RMA.
  6. I just switched to 10.3, People said there have been problems for the specific card I'm using with the latest drivers. To go more detail into the problem, if a start up a game it runs fine for the first 5 minutes, then display errors start to go crazy, and you get flashes of grey lines while your screen moves around and flickers, looking at it will give you an elliptical seizure even if you don't have the disease.

    My motherboard is old, but these are 'supposed' to be backwards compatible. I played around with resolutions and its the same, maybe the 10.3 drivers i installed might make a difference, don't think so though.
  7. I checked the Fan also, Fan's working fine at the moment, It's pretty silent, you have to listen intently for it, that's one good thing about this card at least.
  8. Ok load riva tuner and monitor your temps.
  9. The ATI Catalyst control center says it hovers around 45-50 degrees when i had the game running.
  10. OK open the case and very genteelly touch the card under load or use a infrared thermometer to check for hot spots. Blocks and lines are typical of draw errors and so I would check to the VRAM to see if it is hot compared to the gpu core. My 3870 behaves in a similar manor with the vram getting hotter than the core.
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