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I have a Packard Bell iMedia 2215, p/n pb80135701, s/n 836083450339 with a Denver 10/NEC motherboard, model mcp73vt-pm ver 1.0. The processor is an Intel Celeron E1200 dual core 1.6GHz with a nVidia chipset GeFoirce 7050 with nforce 610i. I have been to the nVidia chipset support site (here)http://www.evga.com/support/motherbo...l_CPU_List.pdf, but
i'm confused with the humungus list of numbers (not computer savvy.) I'm hoping some one can point me in the right direction and tell me which processor/s upgrade the E1200. Here are some 2215 specs. i hope i have given you all the information you require. Thank you


Form Factor
• Micro ATX form factor
• 24.4 cm x 24.4 cm
CPU Support
• Socket LF-LGA775
• Intel Core 2 Quad , Core 2 Duo , Pentium, and Celeron class processors
• Up to 1066 MHz Front Side Bus
• NVIDIA GeForce 7050 with nForce 610i
System Memory
• 2x 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM DIMM slots
• DDR2 533 / DDR2 677 / DDR2 800 DIMMs
• Supports up to 8 GB system memory RAM
• Single channel support
• NVIDIA GeForce 7050
• Maximum video memory in BIOS is 256 MB shared
• Total maximum video memory 1579 MB using TurboCache
• Realtek ALC 888 audio codec
• High Definition Audio subsystem
• 5.1 channel support
• Realtek RTL8101E
• 10/100 Mbit
Expansion Slots
• 1x PCI Express 16X
• 1x PCI Express 1X
• 2x PCI
Drive Support
• 1x IDE
• 4x SATA
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  1. If your board is oem (dell, hp, etc) I would play it safe and go with the q6600. Alot of folks are selling them used for around $120 or less. They overclock well, and give you four cores which aren't going to be obsolete anytime soon. Most will run at 3.0 ghzt unless your board has no overclocking options. I know dell and hp boards have no cpu fsb settings, so the default setting for this cpu is 2.4.
  2. Hello o1die. It's a factory built Packard bell. I wouldn't know if the q6600 would upgrade the E1200. Iv'e been told that not all LGA775 CPUs will work on 775 motherboards. Also i have been informed that the BIOS has to support the upgrade. What/where would i look for in the BIOS to see if the BIOS supported the upgrade? Regards.

  3. You can't check for cpu compatability on many older oem boards. You have to gamble. The q6600 is so popular if it doesn't work you should be able to sell it and get your money back. The price range is the max I would spend, and doesn't include the heatsink unless the seller includes it. You must understand that any oem board for dell, hp, gateway, packard bell, etc isn't designed to upgrade the cpu. Laptops are worse. So learn to build your own if you can install the motherboard and afford to purchase a regular copy of windows not tied to the motherboard.
  4. o1die. I think your right. I think i will sell the pc on, can't be doing with the hassle. I think i will put the dosh toward a self build. If i puchased a new board for the self build, how would i know what CPUs the motherboard supported? Or is this question another thread. Regards.

  5. Go to the motherboard manufacturer's website before you order and select your model number and it should have a "cpu support" section on the same page or in the support section. It may also list a bios file that's required for newer cpus. You can flash with an older cpu if needed; many newer boards wouldn't post with the 6 core phenoms without flashing first. I suggest a brand that is supported locally better. I've sent in boards to abit (deceased) msi and biostar. All sent back boards within 3 weeks, but I live in the usa. Your area may be different. I've tried nearly every brand of board since building my first twenty years ago; honestly can't tell you which will last longer. Go with crucial, kingston, or corsair ram depending on your local warranty.
  6. Thanks o1die for you time. I will take your advice as stated. Thank again. Regards.

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