Help my kid $800 max

Hi everyone,

My kid is 15 years old and I have been asked to help him build a gaming computer. I have been reading up on stuff but do not understand 10% of what I have read. I want my kid and myself to learn a lot about building a computer but I feel totally lost as does he. I so far like the i5 750 but when I play around with prices on tiger direct and other sites we go over budget. can you guys send us some websites that could help us understand all the tech stuff you guys are talking about. By this I mean how do you know what mother boards work with what cpu and graphics cards. second could you give us two or three build set up you suggest. I don't plan on letting him over clock it because i want this computer to last him a while. O yeah I am sure he is wanting to play WOW and starcraft and total war. If his mother lets him maybe crisis.

Thanks so much,

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  1. Read through Proximon's Guide to choosing parts, and jbakerlent's Homebuilt PC Buying guide they should help you figure out how to pick out parts

    Take a look at tecmo's Recommended Builds by Usage to see a few builds at various price ranges

    When you are ready to pick your parts out i suggest using the template in the thread below, post links to all the parts you are considering, and we will help check and make sure everything is compatible and find you better deals or parts if necessary.
  2. I'd suggest an AMD build for that budget.
  3. yip. an AMD/ATI build is wat u need. I u need help with knowledge on compatibility, go to:
    and look around.
  4. My $644AR config as base template/guide? Validity: Prolly till end June when combos reset hehe
  5. it might be hard to get an i5-750 in there, but just give me a few minutes :)
  6. intel core i5-750

    ASrock P55 atx motherboard

    Gskill 4gb ddr3 1600 (2x2gb)

    Ati radeon 5850

    Antec case + antec truepower new 650w psu

    WD Caviar Blue 320GB

    Sony Optiarc Sata DVDRW


    yes its a lot more expensive than batchuka's but it uses the i5-750 the OP likes. looking at it more though, i would rather go with batchuka's with the exception of a different brand of hard drive (WD), and a different case maybe.
  7. Hard to fault Batuchka's choice of components. For a gaming computer, the graphics card is the most important part. The processor doesn't have to be top notch, all it has to do is keep up with the graphics card.

    If you want, you could get a nicer case (HEC isn't known for making high quality cases) and still end within budget.

    All the games you list will work brilliantly, even Crysis should run smoothly if you don't go crazy with the settings.

    EDIT: Shovenose, your suggestion is a lot worse than bachutka's. The i5-750 is more powerful, but the weaker graphics card will cripple gaming performance. Should you make the foolish decision to take an i5 anyway, get a P55 motherboard instead of a H55 one as they are generally speaking a bit cheaper and completely identical or even superior when not using an IGP.
  8. batuchka said:
    My $644AR config as base template/guide? Validity: Prolly till end June when combos reset hehe

    should we not look into getting a better AMD quad core? I mean still have 150 to spend.
  9. As said : just use as minimum template/guide and as for chip selection: mainly games alone that Rana 440 is fine but if u foresee more horsepower needed for stuff outside gaming such as multi threaded apps and multi tasking then ya top up for an X4 hehe
  10. Dadandson said:
    should we not look into getting a better AMD quad core? I mean still have 150 to spend.

    There you go:
  11. hmm.. phenom 955/965 + 5850
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