Cyberpower gaming computers?

I'm looking on and was looking at this $899.99 cyberpower gaming computer. I look at the components and was suprise of the parts it had and how cheap it was.

I'm wondering if this is a good deal not to pass up.

Thank you
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  1. Whats with the 310 coolermaster? is that any good?
  2. Compared to alienware it may be a good deal, but you would save a small fortune if you buy the parts and put it together yourself.

    Putting a PC together is very simple, so if you are willing to give it a go its always worth doing it yourself.

    but if you absolutely don't want to do that, yes its not a bad deal. there are better ones though. The processor in that system is weak, and most of the parts or fairly low end.
  3. The CM 310 is ok but you can definitely configure a similar if not the same system on Cyberpower website for cheaper!
    You also have the option of no os
    or freevshipping
    But it takes about 3-10 days to assemble unless you pay for rush shipping!!!
  4. I look at the mega special and yea its way better then the one i posted and cheaper to. I want a gaming computer $900 or less.
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