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Need urgent help

Can you guys tell me whats going one with my computer. ok i was talking to my brother on steam and my computer restarted and didnt boot up black screen no post and look like it was loop rebooting. my temps were fine 30c cpu 35c mobo. could it be memory?
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  1. it works after sitting a while, idk what it could be
  2. If it works ok after sitting for a while, it sounds like a heat issue. Check that all your fans are spinning, cpu, vga, psu and any other fans you have.
  3. they are all spinning just checked. my brother said it was my videocard going cause i was playing bf2 and screen went black and fans kicked up like when u start up ur computer but i could still hear him in ventrilo
  4. At first I was thinking that it was the psu, but after reading your last post, it sounds like a heat issue.

    I would take the computer outside and clean out the dust with a leaf blower or something, then see if it still heats up. Maybe take the side panel off and have a fan blow over your vid card while you play. It sounds like a redneck thing to do, but whatever works :)
  5. i did blow out the dust and took the card apart to clean it, it was spotless in the card.
  6. get something to monitor the vid card temps.
  7. What video card do you have?
  8. 8600gts 512mb standard clock
  9. Have you installed the latest driver?
  10. yes, i do it every time i reformat my brother said it might be direct x
  11. Did you get a GPU Temp monitor as others suggested? For example HWMonitor. Or GPU-Z which will let you log temps at intervals so if it crashes you can go back and look at the temps over the time before it crashed.

    What are the rest of your system specs? Is anything being written to your system event log at the time of the black outs?
  12. ok ill start some hardcore gaming
  13. could it just be bf2 i played all my other games yesterday nonstop and it didnt do it so what do u guys think?
  14. Did you monitor temps? And are they any different in bf2 vs other games? Have you checked the application and system event logs for errors?

    It could just be bf2, if it consistently does it in bf2 and not in any other game. If so, keep an eye out for game and driver updates. Driver updates often fix errors, even obscure ones. Just as an example, here's one from a recent AMD driver change: "Screen no longer turns blank when flashlight is turned on in "The Chronicles of
    Riddick 2" with Screen Space Ambient Occlusion enabled."
  15. bf2 is fully updated, yes i am monitoring temperatures and its prolly bf2 i play modernwarfare 2 and it worked fine
  16. it did it last night and now computer wont post its the video card i checked the beep code :(
  17. Did you build this system yourself? If so, when did you build it? Have you experienced any other problems along the way? Please list all the components in your system. Include model #s, links if possible, OS, be specific.
  18. yes i did, heres the specs Asus p5n32 e sli, ddr2 800 2gb crucial ballistix, wd caviar blue 32mb cache 1tb, samsung dvd/cd rewritable, 8600gts 512mb, this was build in 2007-2008 time. i did use vista ulitmate windows xp pro, windows 7 ulitmate
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    To be sure it's not something else, treat your build as a new build that won't post and go through this check list:

    You could also try breadboarding your build and be sure to take the video card out and reseat it to make sure there's no connection issue there.
  20. dude its the video card trust me
  21. Ok.
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