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Sorry for the noob-ness, but i did read the faq and searched around for a while before posting this question.

I have a sony PCV RX550 old (P4 1.5GHz, 400MHz FSB) computer (that the kids use and want to upgrade the memory. It currently has 2 sticks of 128 PC133, latency3, non-ecc, non-buffered memory in it and the owners manual says I can only go up to 2x256 for a total of 512. T

My question: Is the density too high to use 2 sticks of 512 non-ecc, non-buffered memory?

Was hoping this was just because 512 sticks weren't cheaply available when it was manufactured but after reading the FAQ, I have doubts about the density. I would really like to get this up to 1Gb of memory if possible.

Yes, I know its a boat anchor for the most part, but don't want to invest in a better machine until the kids are older. (Sorry for rambling)

Thx, Craig
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  1. no my friend you cant use more than 512MB ram
    if you can,change your mother board or dont upgrade.
    good luck
  2. It's probably not a density issue but a memory controller issue. It probably wasn't programmed to use ram sticks that large. I have a P3 laptop that had one ram slot, and the chipset only supports 256MB sticks and nothing higher. That means that laptop is forever limited to 256MBs of memory.
  3. got it - thanks to both that responded.
  4. my old pcv-rx650 (the only difference is the 1.6ghz pentium 4 I think), I installed 1GB memory with 512mb each, and I had no problems...this was about 6-7 years ago
    I also put in a NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 128MB AGP card around the same time :)
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