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About 3 months into my new budget gaming rig build my gigabyte 4670 decided to crap out on me so I decided its never a bad time to upgrade so I bought a XFX 5750 from best buy for $169. Actually before that I bought a Visiontek 5770 for $99, had tons of artifacts on 3d gaming, especially bad in WoW, so I returned that for the XFX card. So far (nocks on wood) the XFX 5750 has been working like a champ with only minor screen tearing issues here and there on my 26" samsung lcd hdtv (think crysis/BC2 intros). What I want to know is if I should cough up the extra $30 for the XFX 5770 while I still have the 30 day return on the card? I do plan to eventually set up a crossfire configuration on the machine and the next card would probably be a 5770.
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  1. If you are staying w/ DX10 games, the 5770 should keep you content (well you won't be playing Crysis at hi settings) at HD resolution.....if you'll be moving on to DX11, I'd want at least a 5850....if you want hi detail on DX11, at least a nVidia 470.
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