CPUZ showing changes in processors core speed multiplier bus speed and fsb speed

well i was having a lot of processor problems these days with a pentium d 3.4ghz 4mb cache which i put out from a dell optiplex gx620 and put it in dell precision 380 but it was overheating i dont knw why i tried thermal grease and so but the problem remain i found out that my fan was getting very noisy thats how i diagnose it else there isnt any tool to check the temps of dell's cpu so i put back the processor that came with precision which is a pentium 4 3.8ghz ht 2mb cache processor now the problem is that i have noticed today in cpuz the values of my processor core speed multiplier and rated fsb keeps changing from low to high can any1 explain whats wrong???i havent noticed these before or maybe there wasnt any condition like this before i am not sure,,, has my processor crashed or is malfunctioning i have a coolermaster extreme psu 460watt 2gb of ram speed step is disabled in the bios there is no other setting just cpuid that is off i dont knw wht that is for it sys limiting cpu value by 3 if on but not limiting its value if off

here are the screen on my systems changing


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  1. Its normal, its called EIST and is scaling back the CPU when idle to save power.
  2. You're one of the lucky ones. Your cpuz is running realtime. All newer Intel and amd bios have the energy saving software, such as cool and quiet or speedstep. If you want the max speed all the time, check and disable eist or cool and quiet in your board bios if it's an option. Otherwise, stop worrying if your cpu temp never gets above 60c under load (when gaming, etc). The cpu speed always varies with energy saving software, and helps reduce temps and your electric bill. I have my smartfan set to quiet mode, but the cpu fan speed still varies with speedstep.
  3. thnx guys i was really worried since i cannot afford to lose this pc i created for little bit of gaming and work
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