My usb has suddenly stopped working

My GPS is not showing at all and there is no wizard, My e-reader is the same. But they were working until about a week or two ago... :o :cry: My GPS only uses USB to charge it, and My E-reader uses usb to download books. Yet it shows my pen drives and my card reader and they are both still working fine. My Camera is also picked up by my USB.

I have no Idea what has gone wrong, and I have been through and updated all my usb drivers... I am using an Acer Aspire computer and Windows XP Home with SP 3.

This is so frustrating... they were working and now they aren't. Your help is really appreciated. :cry:
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  1. Tis Ok... I managed to get hold of an IT Techhie friend, turns out it is a conflict problem... He is gonna look into it for me...
  2. Some extra help tho, still wouldn't go astray...

    I purchased a USB 2.0 hub, in the hopes that this might make a difference... It has a little... I can now charge these two items, but the puter is still not picking them up... I have now tried everything even my tecchie friend suggested. Nothing is helping, perhaps someone here, might have the answer.

    thanks for the help.
  3. Other than updating the drivers, have any other changes been made to the computer? Any software added or removed?
  4. No nothing else has been added or removed and no changes have been made, I even did a system restore... as I said, it was working, but now it isn't... seems strange to have lost them, when they were showing up everytime they were plugged into the USB, but now they are not showing at all... this is sooo frustrating.
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    Did your techie friend give you any details about the conflict problem? You say the problem is with the gps and E-reader not being recognized by the computer, but everything else shows up, is that correct? When you plug in either of these devices do you have anything else plugged into another USB port?
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  7. No there is nothing else plugged into any of the usb ports except for my modem and that shows up but nothing else.
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