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Ok, i didnt buy that 5750 yet but i saw another hd radeon 5750, which is about and inch longer than that of the one that i asked about previously.

Here is the card that i want to put into my computer:

Heres neweggs page on it:

It has better cooling, which im considering on overclocking it.

Do you think that it will fit in my case considering as it is 1 inch longer?

Here is my mobo for you to see (scroll half way down the page and you will see a diagram of my motherboard): [...] ct=3436818

I am highly considering on getting this card instead of the XFX version of it.

I upgraded my power supply now its a 500w.

Im worried that it will block the SATA ports on it and also that it may touch the RAM slots.

Please help me.

Thanks, Kelvin.
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  1. Clearance? You can't measure the clearance in your case?
    You're asking us to guess when you should be able to measure and know for sure.
    If there is any question in your mind the larger HIS card won't fit.... choose the XFX model.

    There might be an issue with 2 SATA ports. You can probably retain use of one with a low profile, 90 degree SATA connector cable.
    I think your RAM slots will be OK. You'll just need to remove the card to get access to the RAM.

    The link to your diagram is broken.
    Do you have the HP Pavilion a6110n Desktop PC.

  2. The rounded end of the HIS card might not block the SATA ports after all. You should be able to measure and estimate whats happening there at the end of the card.

  3. Get a tape maasure and measure the distance from the expansion slot to the back of the HD or case component that would be closest to your card. Then look up the dimensions of the card you want to buy....if the 2nd number is smaller, you are OK.
  4. Alright, thanks for your reply, i was asking around on another forum post, and the guy said that for an extra 10 bucks, i could get the hd 5770 which will benefit me better (an i agree to that as many other people have said that the 5770 series are preety nice).

    This is the card and i think that it will fit since it has a round end?
    Im having a hard time on finding the measurements on this card, but im still searching around on gooogle.

    Thanks, Kelvin.
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