Back up card?

Well, I'm looking to get a backup card, that's cheap and reliable. under $75CAD, I have a 5850 and a 1920x1080 monitor; so I would like something that would run this resolution to hold me over until I get a replacement of my 5850, if, god forbid it goes down.

It doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles, just something that I can use to browse the interwebs and watch movies and such with my computer. If I had an IGp, I wouldn't need one, but I had purchased a MB without one, so I'm SOL for the IGP :ange:

Any and all halp/ suggestions are appreciated!

CFTait :hello:
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  1. Im sorry but i have no idea of $CAD pricing.
    However here is a review of a HD 5570 which should include all the cards you should consider as standby cards. I would recomend a 5670 as a card just to get by on while you replace your main card if it went wrong, but as i said i dont know where that is in your price range, thats why i used the 5570 review, to give a bigger price bracket for you to compare performance within.

  2. For temporary right? browsing and movies?
    just grab HD4670, you will be fine with that card...
  3. GTS 250's are on newegg canada for $112 w/ $25 rebate $87

    On newegg US site, they can be had for < $80.

    Extra bonus is, you could actually use it as a dedicated PhysX card alongside your it wouldn't just be sitting in a drawer somewhere.,8786.html
  4. Yes, just a back up card for me to be able to still use my computer, I don't need something fancy, just something I can add to the cart and have it there when I need it. I found a 9500 GT, which I like and know how it performs, because I have it in my other/ old machine, which I gave to some relatives, but I didn't try it at this resolution. It's always been with my 1280x1024 monitor :??:
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    Might as well stick with ATI so you don't have to swap out drivers. The HD4350 is cheap and fine for regular usage or for a card that is somewhat capable at gaming an HD4650 is slightly better than the 9500GT.
  6. 4650? Around $60 or $70 on
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