Harddrive shows up in bios/device manager

I recently bought an identical 500gb drive and plugged it in to the SATA 3.0 port on my mobo,right next to my old harddrive.. Put in the PSU power cable

Started up the computer and checked if it's visible in BIOS and it was, Booted into desktop and went into my computer>Manage>Storage>Disk management

But it's not showing up there so I can't format it.. There was a popup window in which I could choose to initialize it as MBR or GPT, I chose MBR and went afk to make some coffe, Come back 5 minutes later and it's still not showing up.. Figured i'd reboot and it would show up, But it didn't

And it shows up in device manager :o
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  1. Go back to Disk Management and look at the LOWER RIGHT pane where all valid hardware storage devices show up, including those that Windows can't understand yet. It SCROLLS to show you all it contains, so find your new HDD there.

    If it shows as all Unallocated Space, you can RIGHT-click on it and choose to Initialize - or, maybe you choose to Create a Partition and Format it.

    If it shows that the HDD has a Partition, check that it is Formatted and has a File System installed like NTFS.

    If its Format type shows as RAW, the HDD has some faulty data written to it. Since you have no real data on it yet, just Delete all the existing Partitions on it so it is empty like new, and go back to Creating a new Partition, etc.

    If it shows a Partition that if Formatted but it does NOT have a drive letter name assigned, RIGHT-click on it and choose a drive letter name for it.

    Whatever you do to get it fixed, back out of Disk Management and reboot to allow the Registry to update. Then you should find it in My Computer.
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