GTX470 Black screen 100% Fan during 3DMark Vantage

Hey guy's i have a problem..

Well today when i was running a 3Dmark vantage benchmark during the first graphics benchmark the screen went black and GPU fan sounded like it went straight to 100%.
I tried restarting it but the GTX470 remained at 100% fan speed and didn't display a picture but the computer continued to boot.

After i left the PC powerless for 30 seconds i turned it on and it all works okay now.
Please tell me my GTX470 Isn't damaged or something! I'm scared to game or go for another 3DMark Vantage score..

AMD Phenom II X4 955BE OC 3.6GHz
GPU: GTX470 Stock clocks
GPU2: GTX285 Stock Clocks (physx)
PSU: Antec TPQ 1000W
Case: Antec 1200
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3H
Nvidia Drivers: 197.75 WHQL

CPU is stable and no other black screens have happened since EXCEPT now my screen flickers whenever the GPU changes clock speeds which is very annoying when im trying to read, it never did that until after the black screen problem..
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  1. Were you monitoring GPU / CPU temps during the test ? Try using OCCT, it displays and graphs data while the test is running.

    Your case is a monster for cooling so the case air temps should not be a problem. Did you add the two optional fans for the 1200 ? The mounting locations re specifically designed to blow air across video cards.
  2. I was monitoring temp's at the time, and temp's reached about 86C for the GTX470 @ 56% fan (It was a cold day) while the GTX285 only reached a
    low 48C

    Inside the case, temp's were 23C, one degree above room.

    Two fans? well there was only one place left for a fan when i got it and that was the side panel, and yes there's a fan (120mm) blowing at the card's at maximum RPM on that sidepanel. (gotta love all that cooling! saved my comp on countless hot day's!)
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