Need mother board and cpu for 10 mbps and hosting 16 players

hello thanks in advance for ur time but all my peers have said that they cant seem to get the lag out of the games because home set up s of the game halo ce and the lag gets to bad im needing to know what kind of mother board would be best to host games with the right processor and the memory involved with a figure of cost
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  2. I host a counter-strike server for about 15 players on a i5-760 without any lag.
    Counter-strike servers don't really have much system requirements, but it actually depends how much processing power a game draws, the number of clients currently on, as well as the upload speed of the connection.
    If you want a budget build, i'd suggest the i5-2400 or i5-2500k if you fancy overclocking in the future.
    If you like AMD, i certainly suggest the hexacore range as they are pretty good (1055T,1075T,1090T or 1100T) for about the same price as the intel. My friend uses Phenom x4 955 and it was fine too . You can host multiple servers definitely, max i have tried is 45 slots without lag(also my internet connection is a little shitty)
    In my opinion a decent quad core will be enough. i7 wont really be necessary.
  3. Lag is more due to internet connection than processor, especially on the server end.

    Most home internet connections are biased towards the download speed (example: 10Mbps dowloads with 1Mbps uploads). You want a connection that has high upload speed, and usually either a business type connection or a high-end (the most expensive ones) home connection is required for that.
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