Samgung 830 singel or raid duo


looking into buying some Samsung 830's for my gaming lan rig I'm building
need some input about which would be better options

A: single 830 256 gb as main OS/game drive
B: two 830 128gb set in raid 0 OS/game drive

will there be any real value in speed /performance using the raid0 option

basically i can buy the 2 128's for less then the 256 by about $17 Aus

2tb hd as storage
win7 ulti 64 ed
GTX680 (single card)
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  1. A: single 830 256 gb as main OS/game drive
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    ^ Yep.

    The only place you see gains from running RAID 0 SSDs is in synthetic benchmarks. You also lose TRIM support.
  3. cool thanks for the fast reply's :D

    forgot about the trim support
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