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Which cpu is better intel core i5 650 or amd phenom II x2 550

i have bought a new processor amd phenom II x2 550 i think the shop owner has tricked me into buying this processor, could you'll please tell me which is better processor............

intel core i5 650 vs amd phenom II x2 550
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  1. No man , the phenomIIx2 550BE is more powerful than the 650. It goes at par with the 650 and even beats it at certain cases.

    and even you can unlock a third core in the 550BE.
  2. its very good CPU. what mother board you are having.
  3. raiyus13 said:
    No man , the phenomIIx2 550BE is more powerful than the 650. It goes at par with the 650 and even beats it at certain cases.

    and even you can unlock a third core in the 550BE.
    I didn't see one case where the X2 550BE beat the i5 650 in those benchmarks.
    Were you referring to some 'case' after a core unlock?
  4. he must have missed on the writings in the brackets.................
    well and i dont know about how to unlock the third core????????????
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    Well your comparing two completely different price ranges. The 650 is $80+ more than the 550.... However, although the 650 does perform very well. The better way to go in my opinion is going with the 550 or the 555 and attempting the unlock of the extra cores, it'll help greatly during multi-tasking not to mention future-proof as games are starting to get more complex and running more cores (sort of). However if your not planning to risk it and money doesn't matter, don't go for the 650 at all, add 20 more dollars and get the i5 750 or the i5 760. Much better deal.

    Phenom 555 -,2698-3.html

    i5 750 THG Review -,2410-14.html
  6. well i have bought the phenom II X2 550 but i was asking this cuz i thot taht the shop owner tricked me into buying this processor, cuz i have always been a intel user and never ever thot abt amd.........
  7. What price?
  8. aznshinobi said:
    What price?

    mobo and cpu cost me 10.5k
    was it worth it?
    or shud i opt for i5 650?
  9. Quote:
    WHat currency?, indian rupee?

    yup indian rupee................
    m really confused guys please help me out i just have des 2 options, and less time,
    i have a gigabyte ma74gmt-2 mobo
  10. Phenom II X2 550 is an excellent CPU and probably has a really good price too.
    How much did the i5 650 cost? It is a bit more powerful, but it's also probably more expensive.
  11. its 1.5 times more than the X2 550.........................
  12. @ 1.5 times the X2 550 - the X2 550 has a really nice price/performance ratio.
    That makes it an excellent CPU and a good value.

    Doesn't look like your mobo can, but still try anyway. Try to update the BIOS first then enable ACC in BIOS to unlock. That guide i posted will also help or WR2's. About the 550 it's unlockable cores make it a great buy, remember though it isn't 100% it will unlock. I bought one and mines didn't but doesn't mean yours can't. The unlocked core will still allow a pretty decent OC to around (the sweet spot) 3.6-3.7ghz. So you'll gain a significant improvement even w/o OC and just the unlock.
  14. normaly u get the more bang for the buck with AMD, but the i3 i5 i7 gets you hyperthreading which give you 2 or 4 more virtual cores, there not as powerful as true "real" core are but can help handle workloads better. i prefer AMD tho
  15. does unlocking the cores void the warranty?
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  17. unlocking doesn't void warranty, it's just it's not guarenteed to unlock. But it doesn't void, thats the great part.
  18. thanks a lot guys for ur helpfull replys and answers
    it really helpd me understandin me more abt my amd phenom procssr... :love:
    im satisfied tat i didnt make bad choice of choosing it ovr my fav intel proccrs... :wahoo:
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