URGENT HELP!! ~ Can't Install Win7 on new SSD!!!

Hey everyone, I have just swapped my HDD with my brand new OCZ Vertex 4 SSD.

When I try to install Win7 from my DVD, I always get an Error Message.

It states "Windows Cannot Install required files. Make sure all files required for installation are available. Error Code: 0x8007002"

I also got Error Code: 0x8007048F...

I got the Win7 ISO from Digital River, a licensed distributor of Microsoft software. I also burned the DVD using Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool from Microsoft...

Thanks so much!
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  1. PS: My SSD is 256GB OCZ Vertex 4 and 8GB DDR3 RAM
  2. Windows is probably confussed betwen CD and USB drivers. Was another post on this.

    I think the correctiv action was to, when you get the error message, pull the USB thumbrive out and put it into a different usb port and tell it to retry/continue.

    PS: you may need to select costom install and delete any partitions already set up, then when get error message swap thumbrive to 2nd usb port.
  3. Sounds like the burn was bricked. I'd burn another disc.
  4. Sorry about the confusion, I am installing Win7 from an DVD...

    But I am going to try an bootable USB next.
  5. When I had this issue, it was only resolved after I changed the sata port that the drive was attached through.

    I don't recall the technical detail on why that work, something with how certain sata ports on the mother board were being handled.
  6. This is an Sony Viao laptop, I believe there is only one SATA port and only one SATA line.
  7. I also had no errors telling me that the DVD was corrupted when it has finished burning...
  8. Try using Imgburn, make sure you select ISO for the burn.

    PS You were correct in you question, I just read it wrong.

    But again select Custom install and very NO partitions (if any delete them before proceeding.
  9. Ya I did notice it has made 2 extra partitions for me. I reformatted them as I can't delete them.

    I tried entering Custom Install, but since I don't have an OS on my laptop, I can't access the Custom Menu.

    PS: What is the point of the partitions? Do I require them? If not, how can I get rid of them, as I want to have all of my 256GB...
  10. SSD's act funny, so I have heard, when there are other drives plugged in. Try updating your bios, probably just has drivers that do not recognize the ssd.
  11. I don't think I can update my BIOS yet as I have no OS on the machine, which is what I am trying to accomplish now.

    Also, from other threads, people didn't have to update their BIOS in order to install Win7 on their machines...
  12. 1) The Bios update is for he SSD, not so much for installing windows.
    2) Updating Bios is best done using a Bootable CD, not from within windows.
    3) Custom Install should NOT depend on having a pre-existing windows installation.
    NORMALLY custom install is REQUIRED if you need to install a Driver for windows to complete instalation (The old "F6") or to delete partitions, or partition the drive so that windows does not take the whole drive and make one large partition. For SSDs normally the whole drive is used as one Partition (Note windows will create two partitions on and SSD - 1 a small 100 mb system partition and then a 2nd one for the OS.

    If you can NOT delete the partitions using the windows instalation disk.
    1) can use Diskpart SEE: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/119713-diskpart-pc-startup.html
    2) Use a bootable third part disk utility.
  13. I have finished with the USB Bootable Drive and now I am getting the "Operating System Not Found" Message...

    This is starting to get on my nerves...
  14. Ok, got it to run in Legacy mode from the BIOS.

    BUT, I am still getting the SAME error message!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?
  15. I only get the error message whenever I am on the "Expanding Windows Files"...
  16. I am also seeing an message pop up saying "Windows cannot access the installation sources. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation".

    What am I doing wrong? Or did I buy an defective SSD?
  17. 1) You DO NOT want to install using BIOS set to legacy Mode. For SSD should be set to ahci.

    .. Defective SSD. Download OCZs Tool box, a Bootable linux ISO
    .. less likely But Have you verified NO memory errors (Download and run memtest 86 - Bootable ISO)
    .. Yes, possible defective DVD drive, But if it was not giving problems prior to installing Win 7 on a SSD - doughtful.

    Should be able to Re-install HDD and verify memory and DVD drive. With HDD and in windows I would download and run Prime 95 to verify system stability.

    DELETE all existing partitions and run OCZ tool box, do a secure erease after deleting Partitions. This should indicate if you have a defective SSD.

    Day late and a dollar short - Curcial M4 would probably have been a better choice.
    Performance wise, probably not much diff in day-to-day real world usage. Power wise M4 lower, User problems generally lower. For desktop, anandtech still recommends the Samsung 830 and M4 for Laptops.
    Not a lover of OCZ as a company.
  18. I downloaded the OCZ tool box bootable Linux ISO, but it says "No operating system found" or "Remove all USB extras" (Something to that nature).
  19. Also, for my Vaio pc, I have to be in Legacy mode if I want to install Win7 from USB...
  20. Ok, another option is if I can just use an System Image from my hard drive and install everything that way to my SSD...
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