Just finished my build dont know if my psu will do it

i got the amd 1090t processor plan on overclocking around 4.0
asus m4a89gtd pro mother board
kingston 4x2 gig pc12800 1600
ocz agility 2 60 gig ssd
seagate 2 tearabite xt hdd
blue-ray burner
1 dvd rw
2 fxf hd 5770 graphic cards running crossfire
coolermaster v8 cpu cooler
antec dark serise tower dt-30
right now i have the antec true power 750w 63max amp psu
will it be enough
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  1. Yes your power supply is more then enough and a good quality one to boot.
    You can xfire two 5800 series cards with that psu.
  2. Yes it should be enough.
    Those TruePower New 750W PSUs are nearly as powerful as some 850W PSUs.
  3. thank you you guys just saved me some money i was gona go and buy corsairs 850w 2mrw i just didnt with the six core processor then the motherboard and graphics card runnin crossfire if it would handle it now would that be able to run everything fully not at its minimum and will that leave me room for upgrades in the future cause i was thinking about moving up to xfx hd 5830 or the 5850
  4. or are the 5770 decent cards the benchmarks were alright but im still within my 30day return period so would it be better to step up to the next level
  5. What resolution is your monitor?
  6. 1920x1080 and 1440x900 both are 22 in aoc one is newer
  7. WR2 said:
    What resolution is your monitor?

    1920x1080 and 1440x900 both are aoc 22in lcd thanks for your help again
  8. I think the 2x 5770 CF should do really well @ 1920x1080.
    Your GPU power will be near, or in some cases above, a HD 5870.
  9. Tom did a really good article about power usage and here the link.
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