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Can anyone explain to me in a very simple manner how I can either copy or move files from an old hard drive to a new hard drive. The new drive is up and running Windows 7, the old hard drive is a Vista drive. I have googled the issue but find directions difficult to understand. Both drives are SATA. Can anyone please help?
This is a three year old computer which became overloaded. It is the SR5030nx. It had a 160GB hard drive and 1GB of memory. It now has a 500GB SATA hard drive and 2GB of memory. The old hard drive is functional. If possible I would like to use it as a recovery drive( I don't know how tha will work either).
I am doing this for a friend.
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  1. What you should have done was cloned the old drive to the new drive, using a drive mirror software like Acronis True Image, then upgraded Vista to Win7. You cannot simply move all the applications, they have to be reinstalled. Everything else, meaning all the data, can just be copied over.
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