Data Error: Cyclic Redundancy Check - Possible failing DVD drive?

I recently downloaded a couple of packages from TechNet. One is System Center VMM and the other is SQL Server 2K8R2 Standard. I tried installing them on my test server and got two different failures.

The VMM Server failed with the Data Error: Cyclic Redundancy Check.

The SQL install bootstrap loader failed immediately, so couldn't even try to install it. I tried both DVDs in a different system and they worked fine, so it's not the DVDs. Just need to verify that the only possibility on the test server is that the DVD drive there is failing.

It's been acting a little funky for a while. For example, it won't always open if it doesn't have a disc in it. If there's a disc in it, it opens consistently.
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  1. For less then $20, replace the drive.
  2. It might be the drive or the media, check with a factory pressed "real" DVD (just copy all the content on your drive) and see if you get the same problem, if not the media you used to burn the image might not be good.

    And if you can't wait to get the new drive you could use the ISO without burning it using something like DeamonTool or MagicDisc
  3. Could be a failing hdd.
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