Custom OS installation withou losing files??..need reply ASAP!!

Hey Guys i'm planing to do a clean installation on my current OS(win 7 home premium) to Win 7 OS is on C drive...and all my precious files(games,music,vids...etc) are stored D,E,F...should i proceed with the installation or back it up on an external HDD???...Help is appreciated!!..thanks
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More about custom installation withou losing files need reply asap
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    If it's just the OS drive being replaced then it shouldn't be a big issue. However if you clean install the OS, you will have to reinstall all your software/programs. Data files (music, videos, documents,...) will be fine.
  2. Can you clarify if drive C, D, E, and F are all the same physical drive?
  3. Always backup; it's one of the laws of computer ownership is, if you have a backup you won't need it, if you don't have one you will need it.
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