HD 4890 HDMI Issue

Hello every one,

I have
C2Q Q9550 processor,
Intel DG45ID mobo,
4gb ddr2 800hmz RAM,
Corsair VX450w PSU,
PowerColor ATI Radeon HD 4890.

I bought LG 32" LH60YR HDTV which has 3 HDMI ports. I connected gfx card to tv.. with the supplied DVI-HDMI adaptor.

First.... I got the display in TV upto windows 7 bootup screen....but after that.. the display went blank but i didn't showed "NO SIGNAL" error

After a while...I restarted the computer.. and since then, there is nothing but "NO SIGNAL". I don't even see the bootup screen and INTEL mobo logo.

What would be the problem? I tried with all HDMI ports in TV and with the two DVI ports in the GFX card. The result is one and the same.. "No Signal"

I would have thought that my tv doesn't support HD 4890, but i saw bootup screen in my TV once.

I'm really confused.

thanks in advance.
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  1. I have 4890, samsung 22" monitor on DVI port and LG 32" LCD TV on HDMI port. U might need to set the TV on the right input channel (antenna, hdmi 1, hdmi 2, etc..) and also check the monitors in the control panel setting on your OS. Best thing is to connect another monitor and the TV at the same time, set the screens in control panel on the TV only, and after that just disconnect the monitor.
  2. Read the manual of the LG manual for PC_mode on the digital interface. Your display is rated 120HZ for interpolating HDTV movies and TV shows. PC link must run on 60HZ scan only. Most HDTVS have pc mode settings on its digital interface(HDMI).

    Mine has so i have to set it for it to work.
  3. I kept it in correct input mode. And yea.. I tired running on Dual DVI mode. I get only "component" "s-video" "dvi" options in control panel.
  4. right click on desktop -> "screen resolution" and u should find your monitors here, using "identify monitors" u can see and choose the TV only. If u cant see the TV, than u are probably not connecting something properly, or the TV doesnt give signal.
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