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PSU Requirements for new system

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June 20, 2010 1:02:53 PM

hello, new here, but not to the PC world.
.. hoping someone can give me some help on 3 questions i have...

my spec'd system (any opinions on motherboard?)..

i7 930 o/c to around 3.8-4ghz
2x 480 GTX (most likely evga)
12GB Mushkin 1600
KINGWIN Lazer 1000w PSU -
CORSAIR H50 Hydro -

1. will 1000w PSU be enough? i really don't want to spend tons more for a PSU and even though i'm a little skeptical about the brand (Kingwin), it seems to have very positive reviews.. i also kinda like the plugs ;-)) i just prefer i didn't have to go above a 1000w PSU unless i really had to.

2. i have this idea of putting 4 or 5 Samsung Spinpoint F3's (500GB version) in raid 0 which would yield 400-500MB/s read/writes but the big question is: access time will greatly suffer due to the amount of HDDs? any estimates what it would be? my guess it wouldn't be good for gaming (random reads/loading). i know about SSDs, but not sure if im ready for SSD (mostly due to the window 7/TRIM+RAID sketchy problems that haven't been fully resolved yet).. the system will be for gaming and i also do occasional editing (programming,video editing,etc) so what is your input of 4 HDDs in raid 0 and access times?

3. lastly, is it "bad" to use all the DIMM memory slots? someone told me to use just 1 slot from each channel vs all 6 for some performance/motherboard overloading reason.. and with the spec'd out system will i be able to run the memory at its rated 1600 speed?

thank for answering any of my questions!

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June 20, 2010 1:26:55 PM

Unless u need CUDA/PhysicsX the HD 5870 is a better buy and a GTX 480 consumes more power than a HD 5970 @@
June 20, 2010 1:41:44 PM

1000W should do the job , but about the brand ( personally i never heard about it ) u should go with corsair or silerstone but as batuchka said a 5870 would be better