HD 5870 and HD 5850

Hey guys will the HD 5850 or HD 5870 fit in my computer case? I have the Acer Aspire m7721, sys specs
i7 920
500w power supply (brand not known think its corsair)
GTS 240 2GB edition
2x 500GB HDDS
win 7 x64
I really need a new graphics card so help would be deeply appreciated
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  1. Hello :)
    What resolution do you play at ?
  2. Unless you have a big monitor, no need to use HD5850 or HD5870...
  3. 1680x1050 , Thanks for the advice, I want to be able to play all new dx11 games and crysis and warhead at 30+ FPS, would this be possible with one of these cards assuming they fit
  4. If you have money, then grab HD5850, it will last longer.
    But, we need more detail about your PSU, just open your case and see for yourself... :)
  5. HD 5770 is good for 1680x1050 and can handle games fine
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