Finished build/upgrade...... Picture's Inside.

:hello: Hello all.

So Over that last few months I've been upgrading my PC alot, to the point where its pretty much a complete new build, I'm very happy with the final outcome, as always the way with PC's its been expensive, but IMO worth it.

There's always loads of people with "New build" threads, they ask a question or two, get some answers, go off and build their PC, but you never get to see the build so I thought I'd share some before and after pictures of my PC. Hope you like them. :whistle:

Air cooled :o

Then came the water.... Still lookin' ugly though..... :pfff:

Next, the Corsair HX850 and EK 5850 block :sol:

Now for the finished build pictures.....

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  1. Neat (as in not messy) job.
  2. Thanks man, as you can see from the first pic, I'm no good at cable management, but the Obsidian makes it so easy :)
    Cable braiding helps too.
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