GTX 480 vs. GTX 480 Superclocked? What are the big differeneces?

What are the big differences between a GTX 480 and a GTX 480 superclocked and is it worth it?
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  1. Absolutely not. The superclocked version is ~25mhz higher, which you can achieve yourself.
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    Unless its stated that they used 'select' or binned chips , there is no difference. No special testing. Same with ATI and Nvidia. Now I've read , Gigabyte binned gpu's for a couple of their models before. One was a 5870 and another was a GTX 260. But the average 3% o/c in the models mentioned no.
  3. Awesome that's really important and interesting information.

    Thank you!
  4. superclocked is for lazy people that dont have the know.

    You get HIGH gpu power increase for MINIMAL effort (overclocking part), but with a HIGH price tag.

    My opinion is to get a regular GTX 480 get a guide ( there are MANY around), take your time read it CAREFULLY an you will easily achieve your superclock specs or even higher for significantly less money.

    Hope it works out for you my friend
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