HTPC: ubuntu linux or win 7?

Ok so first off here are the specs:
CPU: Celeron e3300 2.5Ghz
Motherboard: Zotac mini itx g45
IGP: Intel GMA X4500HD
RAM: 2 gigs (2 x 1) ddr3 1333 OCZ platinum
HDD: Hitachi 7200 RPM 500GB
Optical drive: Lite-On 4x blu ray drive
PSU: Antec Neo 400W

I was wondering if i should save the money and go with ubuntu. Doe ubuntu support Blu Ray? And does it support the powerdvd8 that comes with blu ray drives? Also, should i go with the 64 bit ubuntu if i do end up getting it, even if this system only has 2 gigs?

Help is appreciated :)
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  2. Well, what are your goals with the computer? Ubuntu is getting a lot more user friendly, but it's still lagging behind windows in media editing and gaming.

    Ubuntu is free, don't ever pay for it. I dont know why, but I got this sense of you deciding for which to pay.

    I've used Ubuntu for a few years now, and its taken me a while to get used to linux, you still have to do a lot of personal research as problems do arise often, and you do often have to do terminal work. I can, without a doubt, tell you that I have always relied on having a dual boot windows partition on the same computer. Unless you've used linux before, or don't mind reading a lot and learning how to deal with configuration files, go with Windows 7.
  3. Well i dont mind dealing with config files, but i am worried that ubuntu cant play blu rays. Also if it doesnt have hardware acceleration that'd be a problem since the cpu alone probably couldnt handle blu ray.
  4. JustSpiffy said:

  5. Just spiffy linked you a site that talks about all the issues of blueray on Ubuntu.
  6. victomofreality said:
    Just spiffy linked you a site that talks about all the issues of blueray on Ubuntu.

    Oh sorry didnt see that it was hyperlinked. And good link btw
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