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Case : run a lot of non-multithread-process
System with 4-6 core CPU is faster than 1-2 core CPU ?
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  1. Normally the 4 core systems would be faster than the 2 core systems. Now if the applications are single threaded you wont notice much of a difference, but the extra speed of the 4-6 core PC would be due to the other aspects of the CPU, like clock speed, HT, Turbo Boost are some which Intel provide.
  2. Well - The question was "Run a lot of non-multithreaded processes".

    Absolutely a faster dual will run one or two non-mulththreaded processes faster than a (slower clock speed but otherwise equivalent) Quad will.

    But as the user piles more processes on, the Quad will come more and more into it's own. For example: open a 3rd process, and the one of the Dual's cores will have to switch back and forth. Open a 3rd process on a Quad, and your 3 processes may all have their own Core to utilize. Add a 4th process, and the Dual will have to have both cores switching back and forth in order to service 2 apiece. While the Quad will be still be theoretically able to dedicate a full core to each.

    ..and so forth.

    <But Scott... you're oversimplifying again>

    <...yeah... so? >

    < argue... argue... >


    <insert perfectly valid point about Userland Processes not being the only thing running, so cores are more or less constantly switching anyways...>

    < argue... argue... >


    <insert hyperthreading conversation here...>

    < argue... argue... >


    < argue... argue... >

    <more beer>

    Whether that makes a difference in Userland depends on the nature of the processes, how stressful they are, and what form that stress is in. For example: If your single threaded processes are dependent on a lot of Hard Drive I/O, then changing the CPU is going to do f*ck~all for improving performance. You'd be far better off spending the money on faster drives.

  3. mylv72 said:
    Case : run a lot of non-multithread-process
    System with 4-6 core CPU is faster than 1-2 core CPU ?

    In the same time or not?
  4. mylv72 said:
    Case : run a lot of non-multithread-process
    What would be 'a lot'?
    Right now my dual core laptop is running 784 threads and it's still running at half speed (Speedstep).
  5. So you're multi-tasking?

    Like they're saying, it matters what you're doing.

    More cores means more calculations at once. However, if your apps don't require many CPU calculations the extra cores will be wasted.
  6. Thank you very much for all answers
    specially thank to Scotteq's answer (clearly explained in the details )
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