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I need some help on choosing a good motherboard for the i5 2500k build. This is my first build so I am a newbie to this.

*I want to overclock the CPU as far as I can with a hyper 212 plus.
*For now i will not crossfire but planning to do in future so the motherboard must have crossfire support.
*I would be nice if it had a RAID controller built in as well
*Couple of USB 3 ports
*I will probably overclock my GPU as well (hd 6950)
*I will have 2 of 2GB G-Skill RipJawsX L7 1666mhz RAm (
*I live in UK so one of those sellers would be best :
*My budget is around £110
*Also should I wait for more B3 revision mobos to come out and then should I look for one ?

I hope that this is enough info !
Thanks in advance !
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  1. anyone? i really don't know which mobo to choose, which will suit all my needs :S
  2. I can't say much about other board but I am using a Asus P67 Pro with my i7 2600k and Corsair A70, getting a stable OC of 4.5GHz staying under 67C. OCing isn't for everyone though, unless you know what you're doing (don't rely on that software provided by manufactures). As long as the MOBO you choose has the things you want, it should be fine.

    In your case you want crossfire support, look at the PCI-E slots. Atleast have single at x16 and dual at x8/x8 (or higher). And I'm pretty sure all MOBOs have some kind of onbaord RAID support.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I would recommend any of the upper end of ASUS motherboards
    P8P67 Pro
    P8P67 EVO
    P8P67 Deluxe
    Sabertooth and WS Revolution would probably be ok also, but I heard that for some reason the "Deluxe" model is a little more OC friendly.
  4. I have read that people are having issues with asus p67 mobos . What about asrock , i've read that the extream 4 is good , only problem, can't find anywhere that sells it .
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