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I just put together a new system, pieced with parts from newegg. Every fan works, as does every goofy LED light. My problem is that regardless of the display output I use (TV, laptop, Monitor), I keep getting no signal. This leads me to believe that the video card isn't working properly? Here's what I'm running:

Asus m4a79xtd evo

XFX Radeon 5770 HD

AMD Phenom II Black Edition

Patriot RAM

I feel like everything is compatible and I've triple checked all the connections to the various components and everything seems to be in order. Any suggestions before I call Asus?
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  1. What PSU are u running? Double check PSU power connector to mobo/GPU (6 pin PCIe in?)
  2. The power supply is a 600w Rosewell. I started eliminating components and one thing I did was plug in the front panel audio connector (hd-front panel connector), and I got a different result from booting up. Instead of the no signal I got flashing colors - blue, black, white, green, and red that cycle through every few seconds. This leads me to believe that I either have one of those onboard connectors screwed up or the video card is DOA.

    Hey I appreciate your help batuchka!
  3. There is a 12pin and a 4pin that connects to motherboard, and a 6pin for the gpu.
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