Sound card causing lag??

I've been playing Bad Company 2 for some time now and I haven't had any serious lag issues.
However since yesterday I've been getting really severe lag (pings above 500) as well as
stuttering sound. The mouse cursor is also 'lagging' both in the game menu and even when
playing mp3s in Windows media player.

I am running:

Windows 7 x64
PCI-e Asus PCE-N13 Wireless Network Card (which I installed last week)
PCI X-Fi extreme gamer
MSI Radeon 5850 (Catalyst 10.6, have also tried 10.5)

I haven't changed any drivers recently so I doubt it's a driver issue (was working fine for the past week or so).

Therefore I decided to disable all sound devices, and surprise surprise, the lag problem resolved.
Re-enabling the soundcard cause lag once again....

Is the soundcard faulty or is there some conflict between it and the network adapter?

Thanks for any input.
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    Oh look, a Creative sound card...

    Try third party drivers (PAX or Daniel_K); other then that, theres really no way to *fix* Creatives shoddy software drivers...
  2. Hmmmm...ok, I heard about those drivers somewhere, I'll try checking them out if all else fails. Thnx.
  3. Your problem is the wireless adapter...uninstall and intall last driver manually
  4. Thanks for the input...I re-installed the soundcard drivers (June release) and it seems OK now (I had tried re-installing the network card but that didn't seem to work)
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