Cooler master hyper 212+ very high temps please help !!!!!

Hey guys so I installed my cooler master hyper 212+ so the problem is that i am getting very high temps with my CPU cooler my CPU which is a intel core i7 920 running overclocked at 3675mhz at 1.175vcore , 1.295vvt , 1.5 dram which my ram is rated at

The temps which I am getting are 43 41 44 42 at idle
Under load with intel burn test are 72 71 69 73

These temps are too high for this CPU cooler because I have seen people getting very low temps with this CPU cooler on i7 860 ' s

So if any one can suggest me any method of installing Tim on on CPU because I have never used a htd CPU cooler before

I applied only a small half size of a pea compound on to my CPU

So my full system specs are

CPU Intel core i7 920

Mainboard Gigabyte x58a-ud5

Ram Gskill nq trident 1600mhz cas 9 9 9 24 2t

VGA Sapphire radeon hd 5870 1gb gddr5

Hard drive 500gb WD cavier blue

Power supply cooler master tamer xtreme 650w

CPU cooler cooler master hyper 212 push/pull

Case Coolermaster cm 690 with
1x120mm front
1x120mm bottom mu
2x120mm top
1x120mm back

And my cooler running in push pull

So I have pretty decent air flow through my case so I don't think that can be the problem

The settings I used to active a 3675mhz overclock are

Template for the Gigabye EX58 series:

CPU Clock Ratio – 20

Advanced CPU Features:-
CPU Clock Ratio - 20
Intel (R) Turbo Boost Tech. - enabled
CPU Cores Enabled - enabled
CPU Multi-Threading - enabled
CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) - enabled
C3/C6/C7 State Support - disabled
CPU Thermal Monitor - enabled
CPU EIST Function - enabled
Virtualization Technology - enabled
Bi-Directional PROCHOT - enabled

QPI Link Speed -

Uncore & QPI Features:-
QPI Link Speed - 36
Uncore Frequency - 17
Isochronous Support - enabled

Advanced Clock Control:-
Base Clock (BCLK) Control - enabled
BCLK Frequency (Mhz) - 175
PCI Express Frequency (Mhz) - 100
C.I.A.2 -
CPU Clock Drive - 700
PCI Express Clock Drive - 700
CPU Clock Skew -
IOH Clock Skew -

Performance Enhance - standard
System Memory Multiplier (SPD) - 1400
DRAM Timing Schedule (SPD) - 8

**The following 5 options need setting for each stick of ram**
CAS Latency Time - 9
tRCD - 9
tRP - 9
tRAS - 24
Command Rate (CMD) - 2

Load-Line Calibration - standard
CPU Vcore - 1.175
QPI/Vtt Voltage - 1.295
IOH Core - auto
DRAM Voltage - 1.5

So these are all the settings I have used so guys can anyone help me
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  1. When appling thermal compound on H.D.T. heat sinks, you need to first apply thermal compound on the HSF and fill in the voids between the pipes than scrap off the excess. This will fill the voids and provide better cooling. Review this site for more details...

    Also in the overclocking forum, there is a link about how to apply the Hyper 212 Plus in the "Master Sticky".
  2. Lol these temps are perfectly normal I don't who told you they were'nt.
  3. I get similar temps with a d14 in a thermaltake element G.
  4. I agree man. Your temps are fine. You're at an almost 1000 mhz overclock. The hyper 212 isn't known as a great cooler above 3.8 ghz on the i7-930. Quit your worrying.
  5. The VERY HIGH and PLEASE HELP just does it lol.
  6. Those temps are fine at that overclock and load- you may have gotten a chip from a "poor" batch. Each batch of processors will perform differently, even at the same class/product number- it's the luck of the draw.
  7. I just installed the same cooler, and my temps are very similar, at just over 3.8 Ghz. What is your ambient temperature? I was at 79 degrees farenheit, or 26 degrees celcius. I do not have a second fan attached to the cooler, but two others wthin about an inch and a half pulling off the exhaust, so that should be almost equal to you.

    Did you use the thermal paste that came with the chiller? I was higher than you with that stuff, and lower when I tried IC Diamond:

    If you want to make absolutely sure, fill in the cracks exactly as described above. Make sure the nuts on the bracket are tight.

    Or you can go buy a more expensive heat sink.
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