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I am having an issue getting my new build up and running. My problem is identical to that in another thread but the solution there did not work for me. I have posted in that thread but cant seem to get a response. So I am creating a new topic linking to that thread.

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  1. Is your cpu compatable with the BIOS?

    First of all do you have another system available? If so test the GPU on that system(with the same monitor and cable arrangement) Also test the psu.

    if possible test your mobo, cpu, ram aswell.

    Do you have a system speaker? If so does it make a noise? if not buy one they cost 3dollars I think.
  2. From what I've been told and read my 1090T will work with the 890FX board right out of the box. all MoBo lights power on along with the cpu cooler and gpu fans. I have swapped the new video card out with a known working with no difference in results. the cpu debug LEDs display "d1" which (according to company site) means:

    D1 --> Early super I/O initialization is done including RTC and keyboard controller.
    Serial port is enabled at this point if needed for debugging. NMI is disabled.
    Perform keyboard controller BAT test. Save power-on CPUID value in scratch
    CMOS. Go to flat mode with 4GB limit and GA20 enabled.
  3. do you have a clue what that means lol? I most certainly don't

    If you're just as confused as I am with that D1 post thing I'd contact the manufacturer for support.
  4. Anyone else?
  5. I can eliminate the issue being the video card as I am getting the same result with a known working card. All the power phase lights are on for the motherboard. I'm trying to decide what part is faulty and needs to be RMA'd. One issue I having: I have the Crucial Ballistix Tracer memory and, on power up, the memory activity LEDs are not flashing. I'm not aware if this is normal operation or not.
  6. If you suspect the memory pull it and try booting with no memory. You should now hear some beeps. If the same thing happens then its a memory issue. (bad ram, incorrect settings, or incompatible ram.)

    Whats supposed to happen after D1? If D1 is the last thing it does, whats it hanging up on?
  7. Im going to pick up a case speaker tomorrow to be able to hear POST beeps.

    I have pulled the memory and still get the same error.

    I have found a pdf describing the steps (page 5)

    Also, I bought this board with the understanding that it supports the X6 right out of the box. I've read many articles online to support that but I've read one or two that say otherwise. It DOES support them right? Thats what I thought the 890 chipset was all about.
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