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Ok, so I'm installing my new hard drive on my hp desktop because mines failing atm. I only backed up needed files on a external hard drive so I can have a fresh new hard drive. The new hard drive is the same as the old one. So I replaced it, booted it up, the BIOS recognizes it, but when I try to install windows 7 with the install disk. I get a bootmgr is missing. I couldn't find anything to help, but thats the error get whenever I try anything. Anyone have any idea what the issue is?
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  1. Bootmgr is the program that checks for what OS you have installed(so if you had a win7 bootmgr, it checks your harddrive for win7 and the older versions of windows for boot options). Can I ask one question, is the disk you are using to install windows 7 a upgrade copy or a full retail licence.

    I am also assuming that that new hard drive is the only hard drive that is plugged in at the moment.
  2. this is what I got, I'm thinking its an upgrade version
  3. if that is what you purchased, no thats a retail copy(which is good in the long run, if you ever want to change motherboards as well). are you sure that the new hard drive is wiped clean entirely, and theres no traces of data on it? Is the dvd drive on priority to boot inside the bios?
  4. Well I'm assuming theres nothing in it, is there anyway to check or clean it? when all I can do is bring up the boot up menu and that error appearing?
  5. go into the bios, check for the boot order, as well as if the drive is in IDE or Achi mode.
  6. my sata controller mode is set on raid not IDE or AHCI, what should my boot order be?
  7. it should be on ACHI unless you were doing a raid setup. boot order before installing windows should be Optical Drive first. after you install windows, the first boot order should be the Drive with the OS on
  8. Ok I changed raid to AHCI
    This is my boot order
    1st - CD-ROM Group
    2nd - Hard Drive Group
    3rd - Floppy Group
    4th - Network Boot Group

    Is everything in the right order?
  9. yes i would assume
  10. ok now I'm gettting reboot and selet proper boot device
  11. my i offer some odd advice, unplug the sata cable from the mobo side connecting to the disk drive and hard drive, and use it on another sata port. there's that tiny chance that one of them is working wrong.
  12. Didn't do anything, my old hard drive works, so I don't think its a connection issue
  13. FOUND THE ISSUE, My cable connected to my disk drive, its working now!
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