Bios doesn't see SSD

I have a biostar GD41D3C mobo and I am trying to install an OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD

when I boot into the bios it does not see the SSD
the SSD has power and I tried diff sata cables and mobo connections but it still does not detect the SSD

can anyone help me?
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  1. Try disconnecting any other drives and setting AHCI mode in bios.
  2. I have no other drives connected
    I do not see anywhere to set ACHI mode
  3. be under sata chipset for the mb. (ide/raid/achi mode). also check that the ssd on the intel or amd sata chipset not the tried party chipset if your mb has them.
  4. I connected the SSD to my other PC and it shows up in BIOS no problem.
    I was even able to boot into windows and format the SSD.
    connect back to the biostar mobo and still doesn't show in bios
    I updated the bios from the biostar website, but still no luck
    I cannot find anything in the bios that says IDE or ACHI

    Anyone able to help, getting desperate now
  5. I emailed Biostar tech support for help
    not holding my breath that they will be able to help, they'll probably blame it on OCZ
  6. ok, so I tried the SSD in another PC and I know it's working
    so then I tried a HDD from another PC on the Biostar mobo and guess what? it doesn't see that either....hmmmmm

    so my Biostar G41D3C is not seeing any drives HDD or SSD

    any thoughts?
  7. Have you tried doing a CMOS reset? Sometimes this gets settings back to a reasonable state.
  8. thanks, I will try that
    just one do you do a CMOS reset?
  9. Turn off and un-plug the computer; open the case, look for the round battery attached to the motherboard, remove the battery, wait 10 to 15 min for all power to dissipate (or press and hold the power button on the motherboard (if you have one) for a few seconds), then place the battery back in.

    Don't do anything stupid before hand to build up static electricity (like dragging your feet around on carpet while wearing socks).
  10. lol, I have done some stupid things in my time, luckily I don't wear socks around the house
    Thanks, I will try that tonight
  11. tried the cmos reset, bios is still not seeing any drives HDD or SDD
    unless there is some magic setting in the bios that I'm not seeing, then I'm guessing the mobo is bad

    If I have to return this the mobo, can anyone recommend an alternative
    2x4GB DDR3 1066MHz
    XFX GT40
    OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD
  12. I emailed biostar for help from their website and have not received a reply so after 24hrs I sent another email asking for assistance and received a reply saying that I have to wait 24hrs for them to tell me why the mobo does not see the SSD, or any HDD for that matter.
  13. so I gave up on the biostar mobo and went and bought an ASrock G41 which worked right out of the box
  14. with the new SSD my boot times went from 2mins to 20 secs, with the e5200 overclocked to 3 GHz and going from DDR to DDR3 the system really flies!!
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