Using different power cords on external hard drive

I have an older Maxtor external hard drive with my photo back-ups. And, believe it or not, I have no idea where the power cord has gone. I have found two other cords from old components that fit the drive. Is it crazy to try them, or will I risk losing all my backup data? (It's a big risk because the computer with the original files is not working.)

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  1. Does the External drive require a DC adapter or does it connect directly to the AC mains circuit? Look at the power requirements that should be on the label.
  2. Find the specs for the power brick (they may be on the drive itself or you might have to search the web for it) and make sure they match with the ones you have. Check for:
    AC or DC - must match
    Voltage - must match
    Amperage (usually in A or mA) - must be greater than or equal to the original.
  3. Thanks for both of those replies. Will check today.

  4. Identifying Maxtor External Storage Power Supplies:
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