New Motherboard Problems

So i just got my MSI 890FXA-GD65 mobo installed today and i'm still learning how to use the MSI BIOS.Not much different than any others but their are a few different things.Whats been bothering me is i'm just starting to learn how to O.C. with it but for some reason when i run a stress test an extra 1 to .5 volts start appering out of nowhere,almost like it's a Cool n Quiet type thing.Although i have all the power saving options turned off i guess i must have missed something.
Can someone thats familar with MSI's BIOS explain to me how to turn whatever that is off?
I've tryed looking into the Manual but it doesn't go into detail about the power saving functions.Only detail it gives is how to use the CELL which is items.
Any help would be appreciated,thankyou.

Phenom ii x4 965BE
1600mhz DDR3 4G
XFX 6870
Seasonic 520watt
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