GTX 285 Wrong Clock Speeds + SLI

Okay, so I purchased a pair of BFG GTX 285's for SLI, and I noticed that, even though they are both the same exact model number, using GPU-Z one of them has a different bios version than the other. The one with the "correct" bios (according to the outside of the box) number is running at 666/1242/1512, whereas the one with the "incorrect" bios number is running at 694/1296/1584.
I've read about other people having the same issue I am with this specific model number of GTX 285 from BFG, and they've said that when the card runs at the higher, incorrect speeds that it resulted in game-crashing and other problems, but when the cards were downclocked they ran smoothly.
I contacted BFG and they said that it's worthy of an RMA on the card that's running too high on clock speeds, but I'm wondering, is it worth the price to ship it to them? My other options are..

A)Do nothing, since the cards are running in SLI, wouldn't they both run at the lower clock speeds anyway ?
B)Flash the correct bios to the incorrectly running card. I found the correct bios online, but I've never flashed a new GPU bios before and I'm worried about killing the card.
C)Use a clock speed controlling program to downclock the "bad" card and have it run at Windows startup.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Option C.
    You can do that with Nvidia control panel and the this download, system tools.
    This integrates with the nvidia control panel and starts with windows every time.
    So its not as if there is anything 'extra' like other programs , that might add other variables, with driver interaction.
    Set a profile, whatever clock you decide and have it start with windows.
    At least do this at first , before sending away your card for weeks :)
  2. There was a time when the drivers would try and level out the cards different clockspeeds but I've posts where people have said that stopped somewhere around the 180.xx drivers.
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