Should I get a different PSU?

I recently built a new system consisting of a Phenom II X555 Black unlocked and overclocked and a GTX 460 overclocked and with 3 hard drives 1 optical and a bunch of fans. I bought a BFG GS 550 PSU. I am within the 30 day return policy at Microcenter. I haven't had any problems so far, but I'm wondering if I should swap it out for something different/better. Number one reason I want to is all the talk of BFG not supporting their products anymore and going out of business. Number two would be with my overclock and other components in my system I'm worried I'm pushing the limits of the PSU without knowing and want some flexibility if I choose to add a dedicated physx card or something later.
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  1. BFG is gone, most places no longer carry their products as they are in liquidation. If you want to have some extra power you can get a Seasonic S12II 620W unit from newegg for surprisingly cheap right now, only ~$70 including shipping from newegg
  2. You're right on BFG and warranty.
    However that PSU is adequate for you and even a with a OC and PhysX card should hold up nicely, though for SLI 650W is recommended.

    If you can return it with out a restocking fee, go ahead and get a Corsair/Antec etc, but sticking with it isnt THAT bad.
  3. Thanks. I figured the smart thing to do would be returning it. I just wanted to exchange it for something at Microcenter though, but that link you gave looks like a great deal.
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