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I have a WD 320 GB laptop HDD. It stopped working unexpectedly and not detecting.But the drive is being displayed in disk management.Tried to format it but it says "format can not be done successfully".tried to format the drive in command prompt but when i try to access the drive letter in command prompt it says "data error cyclic redundancy chek". can any one please help me recover my hard disk to its previous stage.
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  1. Sounds like got virus infection. Some viruses may hide your hard drive and make it invisible. You gonna get a freeware to recover the lost data. I happen to know such a free data recovery software: http://freeware-recovery.blogspot. [...] overy.html

    You can download on the page above. Follow the tutorial described in the page and you will retrieve your lost data. It's really simple and useful. Click your mouse and let the lost data get back.
  2. Bad drive, since you are OK with formatting you don't have anything on there you want to save, so just get a new drive. Messing around with a bad drive trying to get it to work is just asking for it to fail later.

    The post above looks like it's just an ad, it has nothing to do with a CRC error.
  3. I agree with hang-the-9, replace the bad drive. If it is somewhat new you may be able to exchange under warranty. DL the WD tools to run a scan and get the error code. Check the SN to see if it's still under warranty.
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