Where would a 512mb version of a HD 4870 rank?

Looking at the graphics card heirarchy charts, where would a 512mb version of the 4870 rank? A buddy of mine is selling his 4870, but it's 512mb, and I'm not sure if getting a 512mb is a total waste of time. I'm looking for a graphics card that I can get for under $100 that will hold me over for a bit, until the higher end cards come down a bit in price. I haven't had a gaming PC in 10 years, and I'm in the process of planning a build right now, and my strategy is to get a "cheapo" GPU, as a stopgap solution. My thinking is, that since I've been out of the PC gaming space for so long, that I could start out playing some older PC games like Half-Life 2 and the original Far Cry, and stuff like that, while dipping my toes in the water of PC gaming. I'm guessing that by early 2011, or maybe even by Xmas, I'll want to upgrade to a more up to date card, but why spend alot of money right now?

I'm just wondering if a 512mb card is a total waste of time.
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    Depends what resolution you game at, what games you play and how much AA and AF you like. Generally speaking a 512MB HD4870 will do well up until 1920 x 1080, at which point it'll struggle if you apply alot of eye candy.

    A 512MB HD4870 is a very good temporary card, If you can snap one up for $ <100 then its a great deal.
  2. The HD4870 will max HL2 @ 1920x1080 w/8xaa and HD4850 already does that.

    For the games you mentioned you'll be just fine. Crysis, Metro, STALKER, GTAIV, and Fallout will take up lots of vRam, though the HD4870 wouldn't do so well in those either.
  3. Yeah, the effect of the different memory sizes largely depends on your resolution and whether you really need AA but even at 1920x1080 it's still a very capable card for all current games and a great deal at under $100. If your resolution is below 1680x1050 then the memory size wont really matter at all. BTW the HD4870 listed on the chart likely is intended to represent the 512mb version as it was the more common card.
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