Question about the liquid cooling I plan on doing.

Looking to now liquid cool my system, I am modding my antec 300 but these are the parts I have so far, need to know if I am missing anything or if I could use a better part. {I want cost effective too, I don't want to break the bank}

EVGA GTX470 Hydro Copper Waterblock for GeForce 470 GTX Video Cards

Thermaltake AquaBay M5 Alarm System Water Temperature & Level Display with Pump & Reservoir

Primochill Primoflex Pro LRT UV Blue 1/2IN ID 3/4IN OD Tubing (10 Feet) {My fans are blue LED's}

Swiftech MCR220-QP-STACK Quiet Power Dual 120MM Water Cooling Radiator Black G1/4 Stackable {Dual because I am mounting it on in the front, after some modding.}

Cost is about 300 before tax.
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  1. Run form Thermaltake like devil runs from the cross. Their pumps have low flow and low pressure, their connectors leak over time, their rads suck.

    If it's your first, try and see if you can get a RP1000, from Koolance. You'll have pump and reservoir integrated, making things easier.
    If it's too much for you, get a MPC350, from Swiftech, plus their MCRES Reservoir. It's cheaper but you have to connect the pump to the reservoir.
    Coloured tubing is not the best choice, for they loose liquid over time. Some time ago Intel suggested Norprene tubing, so go for a 3/8" Swiftech Norprene.
    Great rad, great GPU.
    No cpu block? Koolance and Swiftech are, again, good choices. Unless you plan to break world records of OCing, you'll be fine with the least expensive.
    Hope it helps. Good luck.
  2. Well my price cap for a part is 100 bucks, if you could, link me to specific parts on ncix {canada}, I am still getting use to all the abbreviations and crap loads of measurements going on, I want the tubing that bends easier with out kinking, cuse the antec 300 isn't huge.
  3. Updated product list

    EVGA GTX470 Hydro Copper Waterblock for GeForce 470 GTX Video Cards

    Koolance RP-1000BK 5.25IN Reservoir & Pump Combo W/ Front LED Display G1/4

    Koolance CPU-360 LGA1366/1156/775/AM3 Universal CPU Water Block G1/4 Threads

    Swiftech MCR220 Quiet Power Dual 120MM Water Cooling Radiator Black G1/4 Threaded

    Primochill Primoflex Pro LRT Black 3/8IN ID 5/8IN OD Tubing (10 Feet)

    Purolator Ground

    YOUR TOTAL $565.39 In CAD
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